The Top 7 Secrets For Resolving Personal Workplace Conflict Audio Program

In this audio program, you’ll learn about each of the 7 secrets to resolving personal workplace conflicts.

You will learn lessons that I learned the hard way. You see, I’m an engineer. I usually introduce myself as a recovering engineer.

By nature, I really don’t like to interact with people. I especially don’t like intense conversations like those that happen during conflicts. I just don’t like highly emotional situations.

As a result, I have spent the last 20 years learning how to interact with people in better ways and to successfully address tense situations. With my 7 secrets audio program, you get the benefit of my more than 20 years of study and application of learning to apply the principles of effective communication and conflict resolution.

In this audio program, you will learn:

    • Ways of looking at conflict that you may have never considered.
    • How to apply powerful psychological principles in a practical way to help you control your response and develop influence with others.
    • Two secrets that may initially seem contrary to what seems like the right thing to do. In fact you might do just the opposite of what these two secrets will tell you to do if you don’t know better.
    • A secret that may seem so obvious when I say it. And you will be surprised how often people get it wrong in practice.
    • Three secrets that are technique based. I’ll show you specific things you can do to reduce conflicts.
    • Three secrets that are insights to how you should think about and prepare for your conflict resolution efforts.
    • Powerful tips, techniques, and insights you can use immediately to resolve all types of conflicts in your life – specifically those conflicts that occur in the workplace

With this program, you will be able to:

    • Reduce stress when you encounter conflict
    • Move more quickly towards resolution
    • Know how to address conflict constructively
    • Keep your emotions under control
    • Communicate so that other people understand your perspective more clearly

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