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You Have to Have a Goal to Achieve a Goal

One January day about  thirteen years ago, I stepped on the scales in my bathroom, and I did not like the feedback I received. I was at the highest weight I had ever been in my life. My clothes were starting to get a bit tight, and I was feeling uncomfortable in them. That day, I resolved to lose weight. I do not remember the exact timeline, but I do remember that before the … Continue Reading

DISC Model


Use the Right Style at the Right Time

Every stage of team development has different characteristics. These different characteristics mean that every stage calls for leaders to behave in different ways to support team growth. In From Bud to Boss, … Continue Reading

Communication Skills

For Sale by Owner

You Cannot Sell What You Do Not Own

One day John, a newly promoted supervisor with Fictional Products, met with his boss, Bill, to discuss a new procedure recently mandated by a change to company policy. John was not happy with the change … Continue Reading

Leadership Skills

Conflict Resolution